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About Elios Clinics

At Elios Clinics we believe that patients come first. Our state-of-the-art medical center is fully equipped with all the most advanced equipment and is run by a team of highly trained General Medical Council (GMC) approved doctors.

As soon as you set foot in our clinic or attend your telehealth appointment virtually, our friendly team will do their best to ensure you feel safe and relaxed in line with the highest medical standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a worthwhile complementary alternative to traditional treatment, and we are obsessively passionate about it. The core function of Elios Clinics is to exhibit a holistic, comprehensive and individualized approach to each patient considering their specific medical conditions and lifestyle. At Elios Clinics we apply cutting-edge technology and research in tackling various health issues and ensure excellence in all aspects of our practice.

Our Vision

Our vision for Elios Clinics is to be a leading place for patient-centered care. Our values are quality, teamwork, sustainability, and innovation. Through the years we have built relationships with experts from all over the world and become worthy of our patients’ trust and loyalty.

Our Specialists

Our specialist clinicians are committed to informing and educating patients on the potential effects of medical cannabis in such health conditions as neuropathic and chronic pains, diabetes, insomnia, and many others. We strive to separate myths from realities, and prove to our patients that a well-designed individual plan can do real wonders.

Our Leadership

Our specialist doctors promote a strong and effective support system for patients who pursue medical cannabis treatments.
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Dr. Kam Lally


Clinical Director


Dr. Attam Singh


Clinical Associate


Dr. Zulfiqar Khan

BSc, PgD, MSc, MBA, PhD

Clinical Associate

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