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For Patients

Elios Clinics offers a wide variety of medical cannabis services. We assess patients for their eligibility of using medical cannabis to treat their health conditions.

Welcome To Elios Clinics

At Elios Clinics you will be guided through your medical cannabis journey by our team of dedicated professionals. They will help you take charge of your health and enjoy the fruits of healthy life.

Why Choose Us

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Elios Clinics’ goal is to provide the most trusted personalized care to patients

We, at Elios Clinics, rely on evidence-based practice to provide our patients with individually tailored treatments that have strong proof backing their efficacy. Our approach is based on advancing education, assistance, and monitoring of the progress and success of our patients. Elios Clinics’ team consists of healthcare professionals, clinicians, and support staff whose mission is to help patients alleviate various symptoms and empower them to better their quality of life.

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Elios Clinics offers remarkable patient support

Elios Clinics’ amazing patient support staff assist our patients right from the inquiry stage, guiding and supporting them along their medical cannabis journey. They have a caring nature and are fully qualified and experienced. They also support the day-to-day running of the hospital and facilitate patient care. Our patients are always central to everything we do.

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Elios Clinics is loyal to our ideals as a humanitarian organization

We, at Elios Clinics, firmly believe that individualized medical cannabis treatment is what we need to give our patients. Our scientifically underpinned treatment programs are aimed at ensuring effective outcomes and improving the quality of our patients’ life. Welcome to Elios Clinics where you are sure to experience comprehensive, high-quality, knowledgeable, and passionate care and support.

How You Proceed on Your Medical Cannabis Journey

Check Your Eligibility

You will be asked to fill in the form to provide information about your medical history and permission to get your record from your GP to ascertain if your condition is suitable for medical cannabis treatment.

Book Your Appointment

Book an initial consultation online or over the phone.

Attend Your First Consultation

Our clinicians will examine your medical record, consult you on the most appropriate and effective medical cannabis treatment plan and inform you of any risks there might be.

Get Your Prescription

Our integrative team will review your prescription to make sure it is the most effective treatment plan for you. After that, we will send your prescription to a pharmacy and medical cannabis will be mailed right to your door.

Receive Ongoing Support

Feel free to contact our team via phone, email, or chat to get the answers to all your questions concerning your ongoing treatment. Besides, as part of your treatment, you will be required to arrange a follow-up appointment with your doctor one month after your first appointment. During the follow-up consultations, you will be monitored on your response to medication and any change in your condition that occurs. Your monthly follow-ups will continue until you get adjusted to your medication. After ensuring that it works as desired, you will be asked to book a follow-up every 3 months.

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We highly value your stories and strive to improve

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