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Repeat Prescriptions

To request a repeat prescription, make sure you have had at least 2 appointments with your clinician and taken the prescribed medicine before.

Once you start your treatment plan supervised by your doctor, you will be asked to book follow up appointments once a month, but when already stabilized on your treatment plan you will have a follow up consultation every 3 months. So, your prescriptions will be issued for the following 3 months. As medical cannabis is an unlicensed medication, it can be prescribed one month at a time only.

However, if you think that your repeat prescription isn’t doing any good and you need to have it reviewed, you should book an early consultation.  Also, you need to remember that when you request a repeat prescription it may take up to a week to settle it. So, do not leave it to the last minute. The following procedure takes place when you order your repeat prescription: it is first reviewed by your clinician, then submitted to the pharmacy and only then you are contacted to pay for your medication.

Please, once again note the following requirements before you order a repeat prescription

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To get a repeat prescription follow these steps:

Login to your account

Click repeat prescription

Complete the form and book a prescription slot

Complete payment of your repeat prescription

One of our patient coordinators will check your prescription request and be in touch if they need any more information

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