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7 Benefits That Medicinal Cannabis Can Provide

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Jack Sisson

Jack Sisson

Around the world, especially in the UK, the therapeutic use of cannabis is growing. At Elios clinics, there is a noted increase in the number of patients seeking out the medical benefits of cannabis for chronic pain, inflammation, neurological and mental conditions.

As the leading cannabis clinic, we would like to take this opportunity to share some of the science-backed benefits of cannabis and its positive impact on patients.

1. Pain relief

Chronic pain can be debilitating and can negatively impact the quality of life. Both THC and CBD have been proven to be effective in relieving pain. While THC can efficiently treat inflammation and neuropathic pain, CBD is highly effective with normal aches and pains. Combined, they are more potent in treating pain, thus, improving your quality of life

2. Reduced inflammation

Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties. Numerous disorders can result from chronic inflammation, such as arthritis and asthma. Cannabinoids have been proven to reduce inflammation, which can improve symptoms as well as help with recovery.

3. Reduced anxiety

Anxiety can be overwhelming, making it difficult to deal with on a daily basis. Through the discovery of research, CBD and THC both have anxiolytic effects. While CBD has a calming effect, THC helps to reduce stress and improve sleep.

4. Treating muscle spasms

Cannabis has been suggested to help in the treatment of muscle spasms, which are common in conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and dystonia. The abundance of Cannabinoid receptors in the spine could be the reason why cannabis can help reduce the severity of spasms.

5. Increased appetite

Undergoing cancer treatments results in nausea and loss of appetite. THC and CBD can both stimulate and enhance appetite. THC helps to reduce nausea, therefore making it easier to eat.

6. ADHD and autism treatments

Cannabis has been suggested to help with symptoms of ADHD and autism. Anandamide, a naturally occurring endocannabinoid, has been found to be low in patients with ADHD and autism. Cannabis is effective in replenishing the endocannabinoid system and reducing its symptoms.

7. Neuroprotection

Cannabis has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it effective in protecting nerve cells. Studies have shown that cannabis can assist in the protection of nerve cells from oxidative damage, which can is essential to treat conditions like Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease.


We are constantly learning more about the benefits that cannabis can provide. Elios Clinics is fully committed to providing the best possible care to our patients and taking the time to understand how cannabis can benefit them. If you want to learn more about medicinal cannabis and what it can do for you, be sure to book an appointment by filling in our new patient form or contacting us.

About author

Jack Sisson

Jack Sisson

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