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Can cannabis work for neuropathic pain?

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Jack Sisson

Jack Sisson

At Elios Clinics, we’ve been extensively researching the pain-relieving effects of cannabis-based products and therapies. We are aware that numerous people with neuropathic pain, a chronic condition caused by nerve damage, are struggling to find comfort. We understand the painful sensations bought by this debilitating condition can greatly impact a patient’s quality of life. Despite the fact that the evidence surrounding their effectiveness is inconclusive, many people with neuropathic pain still turn to cannabis-based products and therapies as an attempt to manage their symptoms.

Until recently, very few clinical trials have been conducted to scientifically analyze the ability of cannabis-based products and therapies to reduce neuropathic pain. What has been researched, however, is the ability of cannabis, when taken by humans, to reduce inflammation, which is the primary red flag for whether cannabis-based products and therapies can be a successful solution for treating neuropathic pain.

More importantly, leading clinical trials surrounding this have shown promising results. It suggested that cannabis-based products and therapies can indeed reduce pain sensation, showing from day-to-day observation the pain was reduced with no noted adverse side effects. This significantly improves the quality of life for those suffering from neuropathic pain, proving that cannabis-based products and therapies could be an effective alternative treatment.

At Elios Clinics, we offer support and help those seeking relief and comfort. We heartily encourage our patients to consider the wide array of cannabis-based products and therapies and decide if it is an appropriate approach for their needs. We strongly advise getting in touch with a healthcare professional who is knowledgeable about cannabis-based therapies and how they can benefit a patient’s specific condition. To get in touch with our doctors, just fill in our new patient form or conduct with us.

Should you decide to explore the potential of cannabis-based products and therapies, we are here to provide expert support and information to those who are interested, as we place great effort into providing only the best possible standard of care for those with chronic pain.

What is neuropathic pain, and what are the common symptoms?

Neuropathic pain is a chronic condition caused by damage to the nervous system, resulting in pain signals that continue to fire off in the body even when there is no obvious source of pain. These pain signals can manifest as burning, stabbing, tingling, and even numbness in the affected area. It can also be accompanied by other symptoms such as fatigue, depression, sleep disruption, and decreased appetite.

It’s vital to understand that neuropathic pain can affect each individual differently. Pain can range from mild to severe and can last for extended periods. Because of this variability, finding relief from these debilitating symptoms can often be a challenge.

The potential of cannabis-based products and therapies

Even if it is still early to definitively say that cannabis products are effective in treating neuropathic pain, preliminary research has demonstrated promising results. By reducing inflammation, the possibility of reducing the sensations of pain increases.

At Elios Clinics, we understand the importance of exploring alternative treatments for chronic pain relief. We’re fully committed to providing our patients with the most current and up-to-date information so that they can make an informed decision on the best course of action.

We’re ready to assist you if you’re seeking alternative treatments to relieve your neuropathic pain or learn more about how cannabis-based products and therapies could benefit you. Please feel free to get in touch with us at Elios Clinci.

The main side effects of cannabis

As with any drug or supplement, there are potential side effects associated with cannabis-based products and therapies, such as the dry mouth and impaired judgment. Additionally, patients using cannabis-based products and therapies may experience drowsiness, decreased coordination, and mood swings. It’s important to remember that cannabis affects everyone differently, so it’s best to consult your healthcare provider before trying new products or therapies.

How to get a legal prescription for medical cannabis in the UK

In the UK, getting a legal medical prescription for cannabis products and therapies can be quite complicated. The first step is to speak to a healthcare provider who is knowledgeable about cannabis-based products and therapies, which can assess whether Medical Cannabis is a potential option for your specific condition.

After the consultation and the decision to pursue a prescription for Medical Cannabis, you will need to follow the relevant legal processes. Your healthcare professional may be able to provide more information on how to properly apply for a legal medical prescription, or you may need to contact the relevant government agency for assistance.

At Elios Clinics, whatever your individual needs may be, we are more than delighted to accompany with you throughout your medical treatment journey.

About author

Jack Sisson

Jack Sisson

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