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Accessing Cannabis-based products for medicinal use in the UK

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Jack Sisson

Jack Sisson

Cannabis-based products for medicinal use are now available in the UK. However, accessing these products is not as complicated as one might think. This post will outline the steps necessary to get a prescription for medical cannabis and find the right medicinal cannabis clinic in the UK.

The first step is to speak with your GP about your intention to use medical cannabis. Your GP will then assess whether or not you would be suitable for treatment with medical cannabis. If they believe you would benefit from medical cannabis, they will issue you a prescription.

Once you have been issued a prescription, you can register with a licensed medical cannabis provider. There are a number of these providers operating in the UK, and they will be able to supply you with the medication you need.

It is important to note that only certain forms of medical cannabis are legal in the UK. These include CBD oil and Sativex, a mouth spray containing THC CBD. Make sure you only purchase these products from a reputable source, as many fake products are on the market.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to access medical cannabis without any problems. Always speak to your GP before starting any new medication, and make sure you only purchase from a reputable medical cannabis clinic.

4 Steps How To Get A Prescription For Medical Cannabis In The UK

The UK is in the midst of a medical cannabis revolution. In the last year, the number of people using cannabis-based products for medicinal purposes has exploded. The UK government has even gone so far as to legalise medical cannabis, meaning patients can now get prescriptions for these life-changing medications.

However, getting a prescription for medical cannabis can be a bit of a process. This blog post will outline the steps you need to take to get a prescription for medical cannabis in the UK.

Step One: Talk To Your Doctor

The first step in getting a prescription for medical cannabis is to talk to your doctor. This may seem obvious, but it’s important to remember that not all doctors are on board with medical cannabis. Therefore, you may need to research to find a doctor willing to prescribe these medications. You can do that with us by filling in Elios Clinics’ new patient form, and our trained doctors will work with you to ensure you receive your prescription every month.

Once you’ve found a supportive doctor, make an appointment and come prepared with information about why you think medical cannabis would benefit you. Be sure to bring along any relevant medical records or reports that could help your case.

Step Two: Get A Medical Cannabis Card

To get a prescription for medical cannabis, you will need to obtain a medical cannabis card. These cards are issued by the UK government and allow patients to possess and use cannabis-based products for medicinal purposes.

To get a medical cannabis card, you must submit an application to your local health authority. Once your application is approved, you will be issued a valid one-year card.

Step Three: Find A Licensed Producer Of Medical Cannabis

Now that you have your prescription and medical cannabis card, it’s time to find a licensed producer of these life-changing medications.

It’s important to note that the UK government licenses not all producers of medical cannabis. Only purchase products from licensed producers to ensure you get safe and effective medication.

A quick Google search should reveal several licensed producers of medical cannabis in the UK. Be sure to read reviews and do your research before choosing one producer over another.

Step Four: Start Using Medical Cannabis

Now that you’ve obtained your prescription and found a reputable producer of these medications, it’s time to start using them!

Cannabis-based products can be consumed in several ways, including smoking, vaporising, eating, and applying topically.

Be sure to start with small doses and increase gradually as needed. Every patient responds differently to these medications, so it’s essential to find what works best.

We hope this guide has helped demystify the process of getting a prescription for medical cannabis in the UK. Remember – if you have any questions or concerns, always consult your doctor first.

About author

Jack Sisson

Jack Sisson

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