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Category: Prescriptions

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How much does cannabis cost in the UK?

As the legalization of cannabis becomes more widespread and accepted in the UK, there is an increase in people becoming interested in accessing it, either medically or recreationally. That begs the question of how much does cannabis cost in the UK. Just like any form of healthcare, prices vary widely depending on the strength and quality of the cannabis. The dispensary or cannabis clinic where it is purchased also matters. Generally speaking, the stronger and

Accessing Cannabis-based products for medicinal use in the UK

Cannabis-based products for medicinal use are now available in the UK. However, accessing these products is not as complicated as one might think. This post will outline the steps necessary to get a prescription for medical cannabis and find the right medicinal cannabis clinic in the UK. The first step is to speak with your GP about your intention to use medical cannabis. Your GP will then assess whether or not you would be suitable

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